Tea Of The Month Club


Tea of the month Club is a great way to enjoy and learn about tea at same time.

webreadyTeaofMonthClubPhotoEach membership receives:

  • An Intro pack: We want you to succeed in all of your tea making adventures. Helping you learn how to steep tea’s, how to store teas can make all the difference in your tea time enjoyment. This is why each member gets a packet with this information and gets to connect with our Herbalist to ask questions and talk about tea. The fun and simple thing we have discovered is that the simple task of adding the right amount of tea in a nice cotton bag can have profound effect to your tea making. So we found some great folks in the Midwest who make wooden spoons, so we get to support a new small business and give you a handy perfect serve teaspoon for your tea.
  • Trivia: How do you keep the tea in your teapot warmer longer? Pre-warm your tea pot! Yep it is a great little secret and it works even better when you use a stonwear tea pot. Down to the last sip your tea stays nice and warm even if you find your self day dreaming or you have to step away from your tea for a bit
  • A special thank you: We want to support you and your healthy tea habit so each membership also revives a $5 gift card that you can use anywhere on Mountain Song Herbals website. Join us for a workshop, enjoy some soothing salves or treat yourself to some more tea.
  • Elemental Bonus Tea pack: Sign up for the 12 month membership and you will get a special bonus of our Elemental tea pack. This pack will serve as your 12th month shipment. It includes 4 teas that were based on the elements of Earth(Goblins Glen) Fire(Dragons Gold), Wind(Blue Fairy) and Water(Sirens Song). This is a fantastic gift set for you or for a loved one. Each jar is filled with 4oz of tea and packed in a special box set with a little story card for each tea.


Each month receive:

  • Tea: One jar filled with 20 servings of one of our most popular  blended tea. If you do not drink caffeine please let us know when you place your order and we will select only caffeine free teas for your package.
  • Sample Tea: Because there is never enough tea in life and it is so hard to pick just one kind we add a sampler bag of one of our other amazing tea selections. It holds 3-4 servings of tea in a reusable organic cotton tea bag.
  • Tea Poems: Finding fun and wonderful ways to be reminded to keep a light heart is what inspired us to make these little poem. Each Month a special tea poem of the tea that is sent is printed on hand crafted lakota paper made with wildflower seeds that you can plant right into your garden.
  • Learn about your plants packet:We love that members are enjoying the opportunity to learn about the story of plants in our blends. They all have such a great story to tell. Each month you receive a packet that shares with you about each plant in your tea, its history, where it grows and the story of how these plants all came together to make their wonderfully fun tea blend.


No Hidden fees, price for shipping is included in base price.

All of our teas are certified organic, ethically wildcrafted or local holistically grown. All of our white, green or black teas are also fair trade certified. Any tea containing fruits are certified organic fruits free from pesticide sprays or any added flavoring. Our Mango's, blueberries and peaches are freeze dried to help maintain the freshest of flavor. All of our teas are vegan, contain no gluten, wheat, soy, corn or GMOs.

Al Tea of the Month Club orders ship on the 1st of each month unless the first lands on a holiday or weekend. If this happens we will ship out the following business day.