101 Easy Homemade Products Book Review

I want to share with you all a new book that I was introduced to this month. It was gifted me for free in exchange for my honest review, so I guess that was almost free. The book is called 101 Easy Homemade products for your skin, health and home, written by Jan Berry. As a traditional Appalachian Herbalist and homesteader myself I try and find books that are promoting backyard herbal plant use and simple Do-it-yourself projects. I think anyone looking to utilize backyard plants to make their own products will enjoy this book.

Outside view 2 of 101 Easy Homemade Products book


101 Homemade products is a delightful surprise when it comes to making herbal skin and body care products. This book was obviously written by someone who has tried out a lot of Do-it-yourself skin care products. It was nice to see simple easy to follow recipes filled with useful bits of information about the herbs in each blend. This book is easy to understand with vibrant and beautiful photos that make it a snap to navigate.

The simple fact that the base ingredients of the products in this book are readily accessible and the recipes are written for the home kitchen with no fancy appliances needed makes this book a gem for the homesteader and budding herbalist alike. The book has an old-school way of making lotions for most of the recipes. I personally find it rather hard to get lotions to emulsify properly without the use of a hand blender, however having the directions on how to make them without electricity is very useful information and is exactly how I started out making lotions for the first time.

That said this is an excellent book that I would recommend to others and will be putting on our recommended reading list for students. It is more accessible for the average person then the Medicine Makers handbook which I have been recommending for years to my apprentices, I am happy to add it to our collection of books as it offers a new layer of depth to herbal medicine making.

You can check out Jan’s book on amazon here

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