Essential Oils


Thank you for your interest in essential oils!
Essential oils require a massive amount of plant matter. We are a small family homestead farm thus we do not make our own essential oils for resale and have had to find a different approach for you. If you are looking for Mountain Song Herbals products with essential oils, we do offer our wonderful essential oil blends that we have created using traditional herbal infusing methods  for 15 years. These blends include whole plant infusion in organic olive and grape seed oils. We then add therapeutic quality essential oils to these blends.

So what about Straight (neet) essential oils

  • Please know that essential oils are an “in” thing right now.
  • Do not be persuaded to start using essential oils without learning more about them. Sales reps do not always give correct information, please do not just take someones word for it.
  • These are powerful plant products that are not the whole plant but a portion of the plant that has been extracted out of its whole form and may not be for everyone.
  • There are people promoting unsafe uses of essential oils and using adulterated essential oils that are not safe to begin with.
  • Neet essential oils are what you want if you are diffusing oils in your home difuser
  • Please, please do your research before using essential oils; if you have a complex situation that you are working with please see a health care provider who is experienced with essential oils before you start using them, you could inadvertently be doing more harm than good.

We now offer our customers a way to access the High quality  straight (neet) essential oils that we use in our products. For more information on why we choose Young Living; essential oil safety and more, we encourage you to read our blogs. There you will find fantastic info about essential oils and their safe use. While we do not agree with all aspects of Young Living they do make some of the best single herb essential oils we have found on the market.

Looking for good books about essential oils? check out our Recommended Reading list, there you will find helpful materials to become empowered as you learn the wonderful world of essential oils.

You can become a member with Young Living Essential oils and Buy Essential Oils Here. You can also learn about their seed to seal guarantee here.

They have a variety of Starter Kits. The two that are of most interest for our clients are their Basic Starter kit ($45) or their Premium Starter Kit ($160). The premium kit comes with a difuser and the basic oils that most households are interested in.

Type this number 2005731  in both the enroller and sponsor spots and Mountain Song herbals will receive a % of your sale. All money collected through Young Living sales go directly into our Community Educational Program funds. (Mountain Song Herbals does not use other Young living products at this time and by using Young Living single essential oils is in no way enduring their other products.) Please be a wise consumer and do your own research.

If you would like to purchase essential oils without obtaining a membership you can still order through Young Living; however like most memberships you get a better deal when you sign up with them instead of buying through retail. There is no monthly commitment needed to become a member and if you spend $50/year you maintain your membership.

If you prefer to order a single oil not through a membership and you do not want to pay for the retail pricing of Young living you may also like the oils from the following companies. Some of these companies we have used while other Aromatherapists and colleagues have recommended a few of the others. Many companies have other products besides neet single essential oils. This resource list is only in regards to their single plant essential oils. I can not stress enough how far due diligence goes when looking for essential oils, especially if you have any plans of using them for internal applications. There is little regulation on essential oils and labeling; if you are unsure of the quality of an oil please do not use it. Seek advice from a knowledgeable practitioner or aromatherapist before you use them.

Mountain Rose Herbs

Ananda Apothecary

Elizebeth Van Buren

Appalachian Valley Natural products

New Direction (for soap making and house cleaning products)

Please note we have not personally used several of these companies and their listing here is not an indication that we are familiar with any other products these companies may offer, nor that we support their products. This list is for educational purposes to support your further investigation. Please contact us if you have any questions or if you would like our aromatherapist to blend you a specific blend from Mountain Song Herbals.