Festivals and Faires


To love what you do and feel that it matters—how could anything be more fun?

~Katherine Graham


Crumpets Tea Shop & Apothecary 

Staying in alignment of offering fun and engaging ways to reach our communities Crumpet’s Tea Shop & Apothecary is the perfect unique part of Mountain Song Herbals Fair & Festival booths. Be it in our beautiful Underhill Pavilion or a fantastic Old English village booth. We love engaging patrons at the festivals we attend.  You may see us at Yoga festivals like Floyd Yoga Jam or the Mahabhuta Yoga Festival and Music Festivals like Floyd Fest. You may see us at Renaissance festivals in Arizona, and North Carolina, we are working our way around the country to inspire and empower all those we engage with to explore their own depth of caring for them selves in a holistic way.  Check out our events calendar to see where we will be next.

Do you want us to come to a great festival near you? Well just send us their information and you just might see us there next year.

No matter where you see us you are bound to have a great experience that we hope will empower you to begin or continue your exploration and knowledge in the world of holistic herbal health.


What will you find if you see us at a festival near you?
Crumpet’s Tea Shop and Apothecary is not just another shop in a line of shops. it is a bright fun filled adventure in all things tea. You tell me what tea shop would be complete with out their very own Tea Fairy after all. Crumpet the Tea Fairy, her husband Herb  & their marry troop of tea fairies are there to great you as you step int a wonderful aroma of organic teas, soaps and other herbal delights.


What about the Products you say?
Crumpets Tea Shop and Apothecary carries only the highest quality hand crafted herbal formulas. Here at Mountain Song Herbals we believe that making our own products is vital to our success and the quality control of our products. yep USA made products straight from the Appalachian mountains it what you get. All of our herbal products are created based on traditional herbal practices with Sam Steffens our Journeyman Herbalist of 14 years. The herbs in our formulas are grown by us on our farm, on other small organic farms or are holistically wild-crafted. All of our products use the highest quality ingredients and are free from common toxic chemicals used by many health products on the market today.

We are not a knock off shop we are the real deal true Tea shop and Apothecary, even our small items that are great up-sale items are of the highest quality. Our products reflect our commitment to quality craft, ethical considerations for fair labor, ecological impact  on the world and how we can leave the next generation a better place then we inherited.You can ask any of our customers and I really mean any of them and you will find that the high quality of products we offer truly set us apart.

We offer a Variety of loose leaf teas, salves, body balms, herbal extracts, herbal infused honey, herbal digestive aids, therapeutic grade body soaps, herbal infused oils, herbal body sprays, bath Tea, and gift baskets. We offer samples of many of our products for patrons to take home with them and testers to try at our shop.

Don’t miss our Demonstrations & patron participation!
The tea shop would not be complete without demonstrations and patron participation opportunities.The goal is empowerment after all.   Guiding patrons as they create their own delicious tea and feel like they are participating in the magic of the shop is a regular occurrence at or create a tea station. Patrons get to smell and learn about each plant and then get to decided which to blend together to make their own signature tea. Throughout the festival day we share with patrons the process of how we make our products, we share resources on making and learning more about herbs and ways they can get involved in their own communities.

If the festival near you offers kids days your in for a real treat. On Kids days Crumpets offers live demonstrations for making more involved herbal extracts and infused oils. The school kids can see firsthand how things are made at the apothecary, we have seen quite a few budding herbalists with passion in their eyes after getting to watch and understand the process of making these wonderful products.


Look for the Tea time Celebrations with Crumpet!
At several of the festivals we attend we offer Tea time Celebrations with Crumpet that are often in the children’s village areas. If you see us at a show and do not see the tea time celebrations, let the festival know you want us there next year. Its a fun tea making opportunity and a fun fairy story about the plants in the tea and how they came to be. Children get a chance  to dig in and learn to mix some special fairy tea with Crumpet and take home a family sized tea bag so they can share their knowledge with their family. They get directions on how to make tea at home with their family, the tea they made at the festival and a reusable organic cotton tea bag. So if you want your children to have a fun and empowering tea making opportunity join us in the children’s village or request that we be added to the children’s village at your favorite festival.

DistanceAZBoothWithUS2015How else do our festivals empower health and well-being?
5% of all Sales from our booths go directly to community health education workshops and our Youth Empowerment Health Awareness programs. Education and empowerment takes money and we do not expect to just ask for others to put in. We are committed to helping communities empower themselves in health and wellness. All of our business donations and donations from the community are 501c3 tax deductible.  Working with the Community Education Resource Coalition CERC we are able to help better serve our community with our money. All of the money we donate from our sales go directly to scholarships and providing community education materials so we can get them into the hands of the real people and youth in our communities. We hold hope and  faith that awareness will grow, that the knowledge and wisdom that is being lost can indeed be restored and put into the hands of everyday people and their communities.