Living LIght Herbal Series

Living Light Herbal Series

Walking in the Light is not always an easy task and it sometimes feels like the darkness catches up to you at times and you stumble. Thankfully today is not one of those days.With a whole lot of faith, surrender and hard work we are happy to share with you Mountain Song Herbals fist herbal series of workshops in 2016. Our Living Light Herbal series makes its debut this spring and registration is now open. This four part workshop series is the first of its kind for us and for herbal medicine in our area. We have seen the desire for such a workshop for several years now.



This series offers participants a chance to experience an herbal education shared from the perspective of living in right relationship with the blessing of creation, and examining herbs and healing principles from the bible.

Here is your chance to join us on an adventure walking in the Light with holistic healing, the garden of the bible and medicinal plants.

Once a month for four hours from April – July we will gather to explore the Bounty that has been given us. Each day we will start at 9am with centering prayer, ending at 1pm with a nourishing meal aimed towards building a healing foundation within our bodies. You can go to our event page here for registration details.

fresh-herb-salad-vintage-metal-bucket-olive-cutting-board-old-vintage-scissors-twine-enamel-container-light-wooden-57467758Session #1- April 16th

Centering Down, Nourishing personal health while living in service

Explore different ways we can stay centered in God’s Love with herbs and nourishing foods. Caring for yourself and your family in a healthful and balanced way is a true gift for every giver. Great caretakers can tend to nurture others at the expense of their own health, and sometimes even family relationships. However we can break this chain; you can thrive in service while nourishing yourself and those you love.

Learn about caring for the living temple; our bodies with specific nutrition and herbs which give us physical strength and fortitude. We will examine several scriptural components of healthy eating, take a deeper look at the importance of fresh clean produce, and an array of pot herbs and biblical bitter herbs for daily cooking. Learn the nutritional and healing significance of herbs found in scriptures; like cinnamon, mint, coriander, garlic, onion, nettle, and cumin. Delve into fermented foods and beverages, balancing meals for optimal digestion, along with the use of animal fats and proteins. If your pitcher is continuously filling you get to freely pour out blessings and be a light in the darkness.

HarvestBasketSession #2-  May 21st

The art of expectant waiting while working with plants

Explore practices that help us listen to His still small voice while we care for, harvest and formulate healing plants into helpful remedies. Come learn about planting, tending to and harvesting for health and abundance; with a wonderful array of native and non-native medicinal plants.  Get to know biblical plants like nettle, Lavender/nerd, willow trees, wild grape, milk thistle, mustard, aloe and garlic. Investigate simple nourishing techniques to build the soil, and the underground microbes who live there. Learn how to select and harvest plants from the wild; which is also called cultivating the wild or wild crafting. We will spend time in the herb gardens with plants at different stages of life and harvest for continued growth and prosperity. Learn first hand why letting land lay fallow is a gift for many generations to come.  See how this brings an ever more vibrant quality to the herbs and foods you harvest. Get a chance to deepen your well with Biblical and Spirit lead reflective tools you can utilize for staying centered in the Light as you work with these amazing medicinal plants.

If we better studied and understood God’s creation, this would do a great deal to caution and direct us in our use of it. For how could we find the impudence to abuse the world if we were seeing the great Creator stare us in the face through each and every part of it?

~ William Penn

TeaOnRocksSession #3- June 18th

Formulating and making herbal medicine 

There are many herbs and herbal remedies mentioned in the Bible. Out of the garden and into the Apothecary we will learn about and work with different herbs. Become versed in the kinds of formulas in the bible, and several of the most common herbal applications that are still in use to this day.

You will learn to confidently make a soothing liniment of frankincense, chamomile and mustard; a balm of lavender and mint, and a tincture of myrrh and olive leaf. We will examine poultices, plasters and fomentations, and become familiar with the simple home tools you will need to make these wonderful healing allies.  You will go home with a solid understanding of several key principles for excellent medicine making; setting your kitchen and yourself up for success. The fruits of your labors will be joyful and rewarding in deed.


scrollSession #4- July 16th

Healing oils of the Bible

Have you ever taken a look at the many healing oils of the bible? There are over 600 references to oils and aromatic plants there. Get a chance to examine some of them and the modern-day essential oils from whence they come from. Frankincense, Hyssop, Lavender, Cinnamon Peppermint, Galbanum Cederwood, sandlewood, Myrtle, Cypress, spiknard and olive oil are 12 oils we will get to know. You will meet some of the plants and individual resins these oils come from and learn safe use and applications of essential oils. Getting to know our olfactory senses and discussing quality of essential oils are all part of the fun that this section offers. We will even do a blind comparison of three oils to see how you can sniff out the specific qualities in them. Since this is our last workshop we will host a potluck lunch.  Please bring a special healing dish from home and celebrate the wonderful gift of coming together.


allAreWelcomeCome Grow with us

All are welcome to this workshop series, we have been blessed to get to learn about healing plants that ancient people of biblical times had access to, the knowledge of, the wisdom to use and write down. You do not have to follow any faith tradition nor know anything about the bible to participate. This is not a platform to proselytize but to rejoice in the blessings gifted to us in creation



If you would like to learn more about this wonderful series visit our event page HERE for further information and registration details. You can also access our events calendar here to watch for other events that we will be offering through out the year.



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