Wholesale Registration Page

Please fill out the fields below, and be sure to read our wholesale Terms & Conditions below. Once you have submitted your registration, we will be in touch. Thank you!


(Note: “Vendor” refers to company/Individual receiving products from Mountain Song Herbals. | “Wholesaler” refers to Mountain Song Herbals.) (Mountain Song herbals, LLC. reserves the right to change this contract without notification; any changes will supersede previous versions.)

*Other rules and terms may apply. *All fields must be completed to be accepted.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Vendor agrees to buy at wholesale price with the intent to resale.
  2. Wholesale pricing and discounts apply to all Mountain Song Herbals brand items that are available for wholesale purchase.
  3. Vendor will pay full shipping costs on all orders. (To be determined by shipping department after product request is made.)
  4. Initial order minimum is $200.00 after 40% discount is applied.
    1. All subsequent orders minimum will be $80 after 40% discount is applied.
  5. Vendor will receive a flat rate discount of 40% off of the retail price listed on website (prices subject to change without notice. Price listed on website supersedes all other price listings.)
  6. Wholesaler will not accept returns for items purchased at wholesale price.
  7. Vendor must notify Wholesaler of any defective products within 15 days of shipped date for a resolution to be considered.
    1. When notifying of defective products Vendor must provide:
      1. A clear photo of said defect.
      2. Name and product id number of said product
  8. Mountain Song Herbals, LLC takes great pride in offering quality herbs and herbal products at great prices.
    1. Vendor agrees:
      1. To never knowingly sell a product with the Mountain Song Herbals label that is of questionable quality.
      2. To never sell a product that has been opened or tampered with in any way.
      3. To assume all responsibility of sales made by Vendor.
      4. That Vendor is accepting full responsibility for all products by accepting and/or opening package.